How Eggxactly Buffer Overflow Flaws Work? Part 1: Preparing for Overflow


I’m not sure about you, but I used to see news about some components suddenly known to be vulnerable to Buffer Overflow and the vendor released an emergency patch. I never had a chance to understand the Weakness in detail. I knew it’s another type of Remote Code Execute (RCE) but never explored. If you’re like me, let’s attempt to explore it, understand how eggxactly it happens, how to reproduce a Simple Buffer Overflow to get a reverse shell.

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Asked Hall of Fame but Uber gave me Rs.2 lacs


#BugBounty.. I started with it a few months back. The real challenge that a newbie bounty hunter face is the “Competition”. Whenever a new program is announced on hackerone or bugcrowd, within a very few hours, 100s of reports are being submitted. All the low hanging fruits are gone! But I wanted to grab some from my fellow hunters. Here’s the story how I got lucky with Uber recently.

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